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From marketing to improved patient outcomes, Plant-Based Docs is a dynamic technology platform that will change the way you care for your patients and clients.

Smart Directory

Everything a plant-based provider needs to be found by patients and clients online. Start growing your practice right away.

Member Library

Videos, tools and resources to support your practice and deepen your plant-based knowledge. 

Practice Management Platform

AI enhanced, secure HIPAA compliant telehealth and practice management suite designed to streamline patient on-boarding, triage and care.  

Lifestyle Care Workspace

Ai powered dynamic patient care and habit modification virtual assistants will become your digital partners as they adapt to your evolving practice and patient care needs. 

Uncovering and treating the root cause of chronic disease can be time consuming.

We're changing that.

An AI Powered Plant-Based
Lifestyle Care Platform

Imagine how much happier and more effective you could be if the time you spent charting and filling out paperwork was instead used to treat and care for your patients.

We’ve harnessed the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create a plant-based lifestyle practice technology solution that will learn and adapt with you and your patients or clients over time.  

From marketing to secure telehealth and remote monitoring, to lifestyle interventions, education and coaching, the intelligent machine learning foundation of Plant-based Docs will learn and grow with you. The result, a new kind of plant-based lifestyle care practice – one that is productive and profitable while delivering exceptional patient care and satisfaction.  

Marketing platform

Display your profile on the #1 destination visited by patients seeking providers that practice a food-as-medicine-first approach to care.  Our machine learning client/patient manager and analytics will enable you to scale your practice for maximum profitability. 


Deliver care safely and securely, from any location and  device. 

Lifestyle Modification Workspace

Our revolutionary digital workspace, designed by lifestyle care practitioners, is a dynamic and collaborative environment that will help you build stronger patient and client relationships while improving adherence and outcomes. 


U.S. Military grade data security goes beyond HIPAA compliance and ensures that sensitive personal care information is safe and secure. Peace of mind for both you and your patients. 


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Join us as we
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Marketing & Lead Management

We give you everything you need to scale your lifestyle care practice from a marketing ready profile to lead management and analysis capabilities.

AI Trained Practice Management

Machine learning capabilities will streamline intake and care delivery while they adapt to your evolving practice needs.

Telehealth/Virtual Care

Quickly, easily and safely care for your patients and clients remotely from any device. Voice to text note indexing enables quick recall.

Lifestyle Care Workspace

Map lifestyle activities, provide emotional and wellness guidance, "nudge" patients to change behaviors, host group educational sessions and webinars and more.

Secure Client Chat & Messaging

HIPAA and PCI security throughout all aspects of the platform ensure yours and your client's safety.

Client Mobile App

Decision support agents, smart chat, and a host of other features enable maximum support when and where a patient or client needs it.

EHR, eRx & Charting

Electronically prescribe, customize charting templates, send direct e-faxes to other providers, share charting templates and forms with other providers and more.

Easy to Use Interface

Our interface is designed for ultimate clarity and ease of use so that you and your patients or clients can focus on what's most important.

Who Should Join?

Medical Doctors

Doctors of Osteopathy

Naturopathic Doctors



Doctors of Health Science
Doctors of Psychiatry
Oriental Medicine Doctors

Physician Assistants

Nurse Practitioners

Registered Nurses

Registered Dietitians

Occupational Therapists

Physical Therapists

Licensed Therapists

Exercise Physiologists

Health Coaches


Ayurvedic Practitioners

Nurse Midwives

Nutritional Counselors




At just $249 per year, your membership will pay for itself.  

  • Smart Directory Listing

    Connect with new patients by showcasing your practice in the world's premier directory of plant-based health providers.

  • Access to Revolutionary AI Powered Practice Management Platform

    Improve practice efficiency and maximize successful patient outcomes with our AI augmented teleheatlh & practice management platform.

  • Access to Augmented Lifestyle Care Workplace

    AI powered patient care and habit change agents will revolutionize your practice and maximize patient outcomes.

  • Exclusive Video Content

    Enjoy downloadable videos for use in your practice as well as access to dozens of lectures given by the renowned experts in evidence based nutrition at the Plantrician Project's International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference.

  • Free E-Books

    Access to a library of free e-books including the Plantrician Project's Plant-Based Nutrition Quick Start Guides in multiple languages.

Annual Subscription

$ 249
  • Smart Directory Listing
  • Member Library
  • Telehealth Platform*
  • Augmented Lifestyle Medicine Module*
Best Value

Monthly Subscription

$ 26
97 Per Month
  • Smart Directory Listing
  • Member Library
  • Telehealth Platform*
  • Augmented Lifestyle Medicine Module*

If you had a profile on the previous version of PlantBasedDocs.com, you are eligible for an exclusive legacy provider discount.  Send us a quick note via the contact us form for more info.



There’s no additional cost for exclusive access to the revolutionary practice management and augmented lifestyle care workspace. You’ll simply share a fixed percentage of your patient or client service fee for use of the powerful technology capabilities. 

Because you understand a pill for Every Ill is not the answer.


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