A new kind of practice management tool

Intelligent features that learn and adapt as you do

Embrace The Incredible Power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Plant-Based Docs is more than a practice management platform. It’s a revolutionary technology solution that will learn and adapt over time.  As your practice grows and evolves, the intelligent, machine learning foundation of Plant-based Docs, will do so as well. The result, a new kind of lifestyle care practice – one that is productive and profitable while delivering exceptional patient care and satisfaction.  

To put it simply, there’s just no other tool like it. And we’re just getting started.

Platform Features


  • Plant-Based Docs Smart Directory Profile
  • Branded virtual practice micro-site
  • Dedicated AI assistants establish patient relationships, field questions and aid with intake 
  • Insightful analytics facilitate new client/patient evaluation


  • Patent Pending New Client/Patient Intake Chatbot 
  • Smart agents facilitate symptom check interviews 
  • Embed calendar onto your website so clients can book directly
  • Set your availability and appointment types
    Sync with iCal, Google, and Outlook
  • Send automated e-mail and text appointment reminders 
  • Prepare patients for virtual visits
  • Set organization-level permissions for multiple-provider practices


  • Conduct secure video consults on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile
  • Video chat with individuals or groups (webinars)
  • Screen share with patients and clients
  • Take notes during sessions on same screen
  • Communicate using high-quality, full-screen video
  • Securely store and index all sessions for fast and efficient   


  • Patients access secure chat agents for advice at any time.  
  • When an digital agent is not sufficient, your between session chats will are 100% secure as well. 
  • Available on web or through our mobile app
  • Send secure group messages to multiple clients
  • Send message blasts to communicate with all clients at once
  • Share images, video links, white board sessions and documents

Charting & EHR

  • Hands free voice to text note transcription and indexing
  • Contact tracing and advanced occupational health assessment modules.
  • Customize charting templates for your practice
  • Use common templates, like ADIME and SOAP
  • Send direct e-faxes to other providers
  • Choose from a library of  forms
  • Share charting templates and forms with other providers


  • Allow clients to photograph meals, journal, take selfies, and log workouts
  • Track data like weight, body composition, BMI/BMR, and more
  • Sync activity data from wearables such as Fitbit
  • Set short- and long-term goals with clients and track progress
  • As AI digital assistants accumulate knowledge, they will begin to  provide timely feedback on clients’ photo food logs, journals, and activities, and more. 


  • Support patients in real time with activity & location-based decision agents
  • Conduct goal setting strategy sessions with the interactive digital white board
  • Record video content and share with clients
  • Host group educational sessions or webinars
  • Share documents securely – like meal plans, recipes, handouts, etc.
  • Measure education, engagement, and outcomes
  • Share personalized videos and quizzes

Billing & Payments

  • AI digital assistants enable accurate and timely billing and patient invoicing.
  • Securely process client payments and securely keep credit cards on file
  • Create custom packages for clients to purchase
  • Track payments received and outstanding
  • Customize cancellations, subscriptions, and co-pays
  • Generate Superbills and CMS 1500 forms for insurance reimbursement

E-Papework & E-Rx

  • AI digital assistants enable you to customize you intake flow 
  • AI digital assistants will learn to intelligently send client intake paperwork where appropriate.
  • Prescribe electronically
  • Obtain e-signatures electronically
  • Receive notifications when client paperwork is completed
  • Share documents like recipes, meal plans, and lab reports
  • Pull reports on new and exiting clients, trends, chat and video communications, payments, and more

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