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A subscription to the Plant-Based Docs premier AI powered global directory, will not only connect with more motivated and informed patients, you also enjoy a host of benefits including preferred pricing on Plantrician Project Medical Education events and a dynamic and evolving library of multimedia resources that will help you take your plant-based practice to the next level.   

Additionally, the Plant-Based Docs directory is built on a platform that that uses state-of-the-art, disruptive, deep learning technologies that will, in the near future, facilitate  new and innovative ways to better connect with, treat and educate patients and clients. 

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Our groundbreaking AI platform masterfully connects patient needs with our providers' skills, training and expertise.

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Our modern interface enables quick and easy display of your professional and plant-based credentials in a beautifully designed, info-at-a-glace, profile page.

An advanced Technology Foundation

The Plant-Based Docs platform is more than a static listing site. It has been built using disruptive technologies that enable rapid adaptation to advances in search & technology, and global privacy laws.

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At just $239 per year, your membership will pay for itself.  

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    Get found by showcasing your practice in the world's premier directory of plant-based medical providers.

  • Access to Revolutionary AI Powered Telehealth Platform

    Get found by showcasing your practice in the world's premier directory of plant-based medical providers.

  • Exclusive Video Content

    Enjoy downloadable videos for use in your practice as well as access to over 100 lectures given by the renowned experts in evidence based nutrition at the Plantrician Project's International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference.

  • Free E-Books

    Access to a library of free e-books including the Plantrician Project's Plant-Based Nutrition Quick Start Guides in multiple languages.

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